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Ever wondered if you are wearing the right mascara? Well, if you aren't sure, or havn't even thought of this keep reading. . .

(I got this information after reading Taylor Chang-Babaian's book, which helped me A LOT)

Below are just some tips that I've learn't. 

Fine eyelashes

  • Try using a mascara that has close-set bristles, which will add volume.
  • Look for wands that have short, wide-set bristles.
  • Make sure the product doesn't appear to be dripping wet. 

Falling eyelashes 

  • If your lashes seem to be "falling," the best option for your lashes is a waterproof mascara. 
  • If you are using a mascara that is too heavy, your lashes will fall. 
  • To remove the mascara, a tip would be to use a silicon-based eye makeup remover.  

Full eyelashes

  • Sometimes when mascara is applied to very thick eyelashes they tend to overpower the face.
  • A tip would be to find short, thin bristled mascara wands, which lengthen the lashes without adding heaps of volume.  

Long eyelashes 

  • If you have long lashes and don't require extra length, look for long bristles that are farther apart. 
Need anymore advice? Well, you can comment below or leave me a message.


  1. Great post, keep it up!

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a comment! I'm glad you like the latest post I did :) Keep checking for more to come!


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