Hey Beauties! :D

Imagine a world with no pimples, no blemishes, no redness or dark eye circles. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?  Unfortunately most of us have the occasional blemish, dark circles under our eyes or redness on our cheeks, chin and nose. As much as those sound horrible, we are lucky to have products that have been invented to conceal those flaws. The next challenge is in understanding how to effectively use those products to conceal and create a flawless base. 

Cleanse and moisturise

How do we create a flawless base? Step one is having a completely cleansed and moisturised face. Using a cleanser first and then a moisturiser will make sure your face is clean and that there is no dirt on the surface of your skin. Secondly it’s important to remove all the oils off your face, especially on your eyelids, as they are the oiliest part.


Hey Beauties! :D

Previously I did a blog post on contouring and highlighting (click here if you missed it). However, strobing has become the latest trend, so I thought it would be nice to do a blog post on it. If you aren't sure what strobing is, it's basically just highlighting. It creates the illusion of "dewy" skin, which makes your skin appear more youthful and natural. So how exactly do you do this?



Hey Beauties! :)

Another beauty has requested a blog post! How exciting I love getting requests!! Here it is:

Heyyyy can you write one about contouring and highlighting? Never done it and scared to try!
"Contouring and highlighting" you hear it everywhere. These days your makeup routine isn't completed without that contoured nose or highlighted cheek bone. But how do you know where you should be contouring or highlighting? Well, don't worry I have some tips that will hopefully be helpful in contouring and highlighting! :D

Lets get started!


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